Quality Irish Manufactures Fire Doors

Check our quality Irish made fires doors,, all of which meets the highest safety requirements. We can supply any door below as either part of a door set that will include architrave, door frame, handle, hinges or as a stand alone door.

DORAS Fire Door Range.

Doras Fire Door: 1050 X203 Glass Opening Doras Fire Door: 24X18 glass opening Doras Fire Door: 24X8 Glass Opening Doras Fire Door: 38X8 Glass Panel Doras Fire Door: Ash Veneer Doras Fire Door: Blank Doras Fire Door: Pine 2040 FD30 Doras Fire Door: Pine 2060 FD30 Doras Fire Door: Flush Design Doras Fire Door: Kampa FD30
1050X203 Glass

24X18 Glass

24X8 Glass

Ash Glass

Ash Veneer


Pine 2040

Pine 2060


Kampa FD30

Doras Fire Door: TKoba Doras Fire Door: Nusa Doras Fire Door: Sono Doras Fire Door: Tate FD30 Doras Fire Door: Proma 2040 RLV Doras Fire Door: Proma 2060 RLV Doras Fire Door: Oak Veneer with Glass Panel Doras Fire Door: Oak Veneer    




Tate FD30

Proma 2040

Proma 2060

Oak with Glass

Oak Veneer



DEANTA Fire Doors Range.

Flush Oak Fire Door Flush Walnut Fire Door Fire Door HP12 Oak Fire Door HP12 Walnut Fire Door HP14 Oak Fire Door HP14 Walnut Fire Doors HP22 Oak Fire Doors NM4 Oak Fire Doors NM5 Oak Fire Doors NM5 Walnut

Flush Oak

Flush Walnut

HP12 Oak

HP12 Walnut

HP14 oak

HP14 Walnut

HP22 Oak

NM4 Oak

NM5 Oak

NM5 Walnut

Fire Doors NM8 Oak                  

NM8 Oak










Other Quality Doors That We Supply

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