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Pre Hung Doors

We manufacture and supply quality pre hung doors throughout Ireland. There are some differences between pre hung doors and other interior doors. Pre hung doors come already attached to the door frame where as other doors have to be fixed on to an already existing frame or architrave.

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Pre hung Doors @ Internal Doors Ireland

What are Pre-Hung Doors?

A pre-hung door is, as the name implies, a door that is already hanging in its own frame. It's a fully self-contained unit. Even before installation, you can open and close the door within its own frame. The main parts of a pre-hung door are: door slab, hinges, and frame.

When installing an exterior door. Prehung doors come weather tight off the shelf: you don't need to do anything to make them tight-fitting. Unless you are a real pro, it's extremely difficult to install a tight-fitting exterior slab door.

Benefits of using Pre-Hung Door Units

There are several benefits of using Pre Hung Doors such as, faster and easy to install on site with no waste, labour reduction on site, factory assembled for precision, quality and a perfect fit, doors units are installed after all on site work in completed and will therefore reduce the risk of damage.

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When To Use Prehung Doors?

There are several reasons that may influence your decision to install a prehung door such as; when there is no existing door frame or when the old door frame is damaged or warped and it would be impossible to hang a common interior door. If the door frame is open and exposed, you may find it easier to install a prehung door than a slab door.

Our Pre Hung Door Selection

The pre-hung door units we supply are factory assembled kits that include the door, door-frame, architrave, hinges, 2 lever lock and saddle if required. The Internal Doors Ireland pre-hung door unit is fitted to a factory cut door frame by 3 point ball bearing hinge for increased stability.

We offer excellent quality and value for money. We also pre hang Fire doors sets in a range of sizes and finishes'

Pre hung French doors

Pre hung French Doors

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